InnoDB Recovery from .frm .ibd files

A happy-end-horror-story the making of.. prerequisites for my recovery plan assuming that you had/have the following InnoDB setting:

inno_db_file_per_table = 1
  • A recovery (development/virtual) machine
  • MySQL Utilities for schema (CREATE TABLE) recovery
  • XAMPP for rebuilding your databases

Create a recovery database

Start XAMPP and create a new database in my case ‘mydatabase’ got moved and stopped working and I created a ‘mydatabase_recovery’ database.

CREATE DATABASE mydatabase_recovery;

Install the MySQL Utilities and navigate to the installation location and open a command prompt:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Utilities\mysqlfrm --server root@localhost --port 3307 D:\var_lib_mysql_from_server\mydatabase\*.frm > D:\create_mydatabase.sql

This creates the create_mydatabase.sql file which contains the original structure CREATE TABLE code for your database. You can now change the file’s content occurences of ‘mydatabase’ to ‘mydatabase_recovery’ and execute it in your new database.

Once you’ve got your tables back do the following for each new table in ‘mydatabase_recovery’, this will delete the (.idb) data file for your new tables.

ALTER TABLE `each_table_name_here` DISCARD TABLESPACE;

Now copy your .ibd files from your copied files to the following directory:


Make sure it has the same user rights and reassociate/import the data files (.idb) with the following code:

ALTER TABLE `each_table_name_here` IMPORT TABLESPACE;

And check your table, if all went well you got your data back!

If you have MyISAM files as well just copy the .MYD (MyISAM data) files and execute the following for those tables:

REPAIR TABLE `each_myisam_table_name`;

And MySQL will fix your .MYI (MyISAM indexes) files, fortunately MyISAM is easier/more forgiving with restoring.


Hopefully you now no longer see the following errors:

Error No. 1033 Incorrect information in file: 'filename'

[ERROR] InnoDB: Cannot delete tablespace 91 because it is not found in the tablespace memory cache.

[ERROR] Got error 155 when reading table TABLENAME

InnoDB: Error: table TABLENAME

InnoDB: cannot calculate statistics for table TABLENAME because the .ibd file is missing.

19 thoughts on “InnoDB Recovery from .frm .ibd files”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your tutorial! I have followed all the steps with success and I was able to save my databases!

    1. Glad to hear it worked! That was the whole purpose of sharing this tutorial/information in the first place! 🙂 And next time: backups! 😉

    1. BTW, if you get the compact and dynamic error – put this at the end of TABLE creation query – row_format=compact;

  2. Still near 2018 thank you very much

    MySQL Utilities didnt work on my maschine but i found this free service !

    recover Structure -> from .frm file

    this and your tutorial very simple after 12 hours testing so much 😀

    1. Nice! Don’t forget to invest in a decent backup strategy and you’re off to the better half of 2019 without database troubles! 😀

  3. Hi, i tried your solution but kept getting getting “ERROR: The process “12092” not found”

    Please what is the solution?

  4. C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Utilities 1.6>mysqlfrm –server root@localhost –port 3307 E:\crcl\*.frm > E:\create_mydatabase.sql
    ERROR: The process “8400” not found.

    C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Utilities 1.6>ERROR: The process “8232” not found.

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